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Redescubre la Costa Brava con Brava Hoteles

Rediscover the Costa Brava

… WITH BRAVA HOTELES We are changing, the new normal is near. We need this change in our lives to start sharing great moments and experiences with family and friends again. The Costa Brava has always been a unique place, familiar, its beaches, its cliffs, its light… It makes us fall in love with it.…

disfruta el entorno de la Costa Brava


¡COME TO LA COSTA BRAVA!Do not believe everything they say about the Costa Brava, it is not only summer, sea and beach. A fantastic natural environment that you can not imagine, awaits you within walking distance of our hotels. Do you feel like discovering it? Golf, Trekking, Diving…Balloon rides, bicycle routes, water sports, parachute jumps.…